Product Journey

Digital experience.
Taken further.

Step 1

Digital Ordering

Consumer can buy online (web/app) or at in-store self-ordering kiosks in a personalized way. Orders are also integrated with third-party channels.

Step 2

SmartQueuing System

An intelligent software organises and optimises store operations with AI predictive algorithms to reduce time, workforce and lines.

Step 3

Prep and deliver assistance

Employees get directions through digital touch displays, intelligent led indicators and mobile picking devices to maximize throughput and reduce mistakes.

Step 4

Visual key Ordering Status

Both customer and operator can track the order status in real time and get instructions on the app or at an in-store LCD visual queue designed together with an animated VideoWall.

Step 5

Security and control

Different security grade levels can be applied for customer ID validation before pick up (in the app, kiosk and SmartBoxes).

Step 6

Autonomous Pickup

Once the order is ready, the SmartBoxes can be opened from its touch TLCD screen or directly from the smartphone. Delivered products can be automatically disinfected with built-in UV lamps or a spraying solution.